How Goes This “Blog” Thing?

I must admit, this whole Blogging world is brand new to this mom, wife, grandma, animal lover and now animal product “inventor person”.
I have worn many hats in my life but the hat I have been wearing these days is one of the most interesting and rewarding ever.   I am learning that something I have created is actually pleasing people and, best of all, comforting, in most cases, recently bereaved pet owners. Life doesn’t get any better than that.

I am very excited to continue on this path of learning more about the specifics of pet grief and how to help my customers as well as anyone else who has experienced the loss of a pet either recently or in the past.

There are numerous resources available to us when we experience the devastation of the  loss of a person important to us.  There are medical personnel, clergymen, counselors, and scores of family and friends who are ever ready with hugs and casseroles to help us to get through these terrible days.  What would people do without these resources?  How would we get through those times?

This is precisely what many of us are forced to do when we suffer the loss of one of our most valued friends and family members; our beloved pets.   Many times we are forced to “go it alone” with our grief and, worst of all, sometimes are forced to try minimalize the grief  because we are surrounded by people who just don’t understand.  How many times does a bereaved pet owner hear “It was just dog”, “it was just a cat”, etc.  Or the well meaning “you can always get another “. 

While this blogging world is new to me,  and I won’t be sending you any casseroles, (trust me you wouldn’t want me to), I value the opportunity to be able to express my thoughts,  share facts I discover in my research, and hopefully make some new friends along the way.   So,  “Here goes this “blog thing”. 



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