My Rainbow Bridge

When I cross that “Rainbow Bridge” I am going to get knocked over with big wet kisses, many barks, a couple of happy meows and even some chirps!  I have had to say “good-bye, I love you, see you later” to 8 pets in total and, the fates willing, many more to come because  I will never live a life without pets,  they are too important to me,  they make me “whole”.

When I welcome a new pet into my life it is with a big inhale because I know that an unspoken promise that I make with my new companion  is  “I will feed you,  I will keep you safe,  I will keep you healthy,  I will love you, and if you need to pass from this earth before I do,  I will help you do so with as little fear and pain and with as much dignity as I can possibly control.”

It’s then with a big exhale as I watch them leave or hold what remains of their little selves.  What I have learned is that each time I say good-bye it is different.  Sometimes I have had a lot of time to contemplate the departure as I watch my little friends age and grow more frail, sometimes their time comes very unexpectedly.  What I do know is that what I have anticipated I would feel  is rarely how I end up feeling.  While sometimes I think I will be distraught and unable to function, I am able to move forward very sadly but with resolve; at other times I have felt I was prepared and have been quite literally knocked to my knees with grief.

I do, however, have great faith in that “Rainbow Bridge” and I know if I live long enough I will have a great many introductions to make when I cross to that other side.


One response to “My Rainbow Bridge

  1. I had to put down my “old man” back on 11/7/08 after having him for 14 wonderful years! I was devastated since this was the first time I ever had to deal with this type of pain and loss. I have read several articles and stories online to help me deal with losing my little buddy and find peace knowing that he had a very happy life and brought me TONS of joy over the years. I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational website. I have my dogs ashes and I am thinking about purchasing your pillow – I love the concept. I currently have him in an urn and some of his ashes are in necklace that I wear every day to keep him close to my heart….

    Thanks again for sharing your stories!!

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