A Pure Love…Why is the death of a pet so devastating?

“I feel so guilty…I didn’t cry this much when my mom died”,  “I’m sorry…I don’t know why I am taking this so hard.”,  “Thank you for understanding; this has just been so hard for me.”…

The grief from losing a pet is so deep, so real and so heartbreaking.  I hear the above statements weekly from people who are seeking an answer or some comfort as they deal with the profound loss they are experiencing.  I can really only listen and try to explain from my perspective why this grief over the loss of a pet is so overwhelming.

I think the love we share with our pets is as close to a pure love as we human beings can experience.  Our pets accept us.  Period.  They don’t care what we look like, how much money we have or don’t have, whether we have a big house or small or any house at all.  They accept without question our angry days, quiet days, busy days, happy days and sad days.  They don’t share such human concepts as aging,  days lost,  time wasted, mistakes made and judge us for them.  To them, life really and truly “is what it is”.

I advise people to allow this grief, don’t question it and for heaven’s sake, don’t feel guilty about  it.  It doesn’t take anything away from anyone or anything else that you have loved something so profoundly.   Perhaps you already can see or I know that in time that you will see that it was a blessing  to be loved by any living thing this completely without being asked for much in return.  Perhaps this is why their lives are briefer that ours;  perhaps they are here to teach us an earthly example of pure love.


4 responses to “A Pure Love…Why is the death of a pet so devastating?

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  3. Delene S Naidoo

    Im glad that im not the only one in this world who is devistated after loosing a pet. My eyes and face are swollen from all the crying but id dared not tell any one at work the reason why as they’d all think iv lost my mind. “Crying coz your HAMSTER died, that’s silly!” they would all probably say, but some how i just can’t seem to get over this feeling of complete loss and emptyness. She was my baby, i wanted so desperately to help her, to some how ease her pain. I felt so helpless, so useless! Im just really gratefull i got to say my goodbyes before she passed, i even kissed her and told her i love her. Good bye Gadgy Girl, we will always love you Both Quin and i, you will never be forgotten.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss and would never minimize the death of any pet, not matter the size or lifespan nor should others. Each little life is important and it is clear that Gadgy was a very lucky little pet indeed.

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