Pati Moore, the innovator of the Soft-Hearted Pillow, is a long time pet owner and has experienced many “comings and goings” of her beloved pets through the years. When she lost her most recent dog, Samantha, she found that the hardest question to answer was “What is the best way to commemorate her and how can I continue to keep her near?” Pati had always chosen cremation as an option because of her mobile lifestyle and the desire to hold her pets close. To her, any other option always seemed “cold and final”. This was her vision for the “Soft-Hearted Pillow” and the everlasting memories they keep.

“The Soft-Hearted Pillow is, in its simplest terms, an Urn Alternative.”

Until now, pet owners had a singular choice for preserving cremated remains; a solid, stationary urn to be positioned on a shelf, forever still.  The Soft-Hearted Pillow is a supple, huggable pillow that captures the love and tenderness that pet owners feel for their pets in a secure yet soft, embraceable, warm alternative.

“Soft-Hearted Products wants to offer bereaved pet owners another choice for memorializing their pet’s cremated remains.”

Nothing holds the same place in our hearts like the love of a pet. Soft-Hearted Products knows that pets come in all shapes and sizes pet rats to birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, dogs and cats. When cremation is chosen, any pet can be accommodated and memorialized with the Soft-Hearted Pillow as opposed to an urn tucked away on a dusty shelf.

“Soft-Hearted Products has created a way to make a difficult time just a little softer”

The Soft-Hearted Pillow comes in a choice of six beautiful micro fleece fabrics with matching designer braided trim and an option for personalization. The decorator size 14 inch square pillow has been designed to fit discreetly into any environment whether it is a bedroom, living room or even office or car. The fabrics are durable and incredibly soft and the pillows are filled with the highest grade fiber fill for maximum softness and an irresistably comforting “huggability”.

Soft-Hearted Products is now offering a line of  Pet Loss and Pet Grief gift items as well as the original Soft-Hearted Pillow and the Soft-Hearted Memory Pouch.   As Pati says, “Our goal is to bring comfort to the bereaved pet owner as well as offer alternative and innovative pet loss products and gifts; we want pet owners and their loved ones to know that we really are Soft-Hearted.”  http://www.soft-hearted.com